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Last Updated:
17 Apr 15

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This section contains information and education tools
to assist teaching about smallpox, smallpox vaccine,
and DoD's Smallpox Vaccine Program.

To save or download a PPT file onto your computer, open the PPT presentation, go to your browser menu and click "FILE" then "SAVE AS". In the "Save As Type" field at the bottom of the window, make sure "Presentation" is selected. Then select the directory in which you want the file to be saved, and click "Save".

 Smallpox Brochure PDF  18 Aug 14
   Brochure explaining smallpox vaccine and the Smallpox Vaccination Program

 Smallpox and Smallpox Vaccine Literature Review PDF  1 Jan 12
   Compiled by the MILVAX Agency

 After Your Shots
   Vaccine Healthcare Centers Network

 Smallpox Vaccination Training
   This is an 8 module online course designed to satisfy the DoD approved smallpox training requirement for medical personnel administering smallpox vaccinations.

 Initial Competency Assessment: Smallpox Vaccine Administration PDF  7 Mar 08
   MILVAX Agency

 Initial Competency Assessment: Smallpox Vaccine Reconstitution PDF  7 Mar 08
   MILVAX Agency

 Smallpox Vaccine in Pregnancy Registry Flyer PDF  13 Nov 07
   Did You Receive the Smallpox Vaccine While Pregnant?

 Smallpox Information Pamphlet [DOC] [PDF]  14 Jan 04

 Risk Communication Plan for Health Care Facilities PDF  29 Dec 03

 Centers for Disease Control - Normal Reactions
   Smallpox Vaccination and Adverse Events Training Module (expansion of information found on CDC's 16-panel color brochure)

 Smallpox Vaccine Administration Video
   This CDC video describes smallpox vaccine and common reactions following vaccination; how to screen potential vaccinees for contraindications to vaccination; how to administer smallpox vaccine; and how to care for the vaccination site.

 Smallpox Vaccine Information Statement (Supplement)
   (VIS) Important Interim Supplementary Information - Smallpox Vaccine and Heart Problems